Moving Fletcher Forward!

Greetings! I am Brandon Olsen and I am running for Fletcher Town Council. I will work tirelessly to improve accountability and accessibility for Fletcher residents.

I have lived in Fletcher for the past 16 years after moving from the Chicago suburbs in 2005. I adore the Town of Fletcher and I am proud to call this town my home. I have primarily lived in the Hoopers Creek area in the Livingston Farms community.

In 2009 I met my wife, Holly and daughter, Natalie, and we began our story together. We moved into the Brickton Village community after a brief courtship. We were married in 2011 and have since welcomed a son, Hunter, and another daughter, Claire, into our family.

I began working as a young adult in manufacturing working shifts at a printing factory. When I came to Fletcher, I continued in manufacturing, this time in Plastic Injection Molding at Nypro (now Jabil) in Arden. In my time in these factories I learned the value of hard work and the rewards of teamwork, commitment, and shared success. I also became familiar with the challenges of working long hours on a household and the physical toll manual labor takes on a person's body.

After our son was born the long hours, long stretches without a day off including weekends and holidays away became an increasing challenge for our household. We decided I would go back to school and complete my education. I enrolled at Blue Ridge Community College, right here in Henderson County. In my time at BRCC I discovered my passion for the discipline of Economics. It was one of those revelations that just clicked and I knew it was the right path.

Before long I enrolled at the University of North Carolina Asheville in the Economics program. After completing my degree I entered the private sector with a new career in renewable energy with a solar development firm.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

My work with municipal government to bring commercial development to towns across the country motivated me to bring my knowledge and experience to serve my community.

I want to ensure Fletcher is the best place it can be and the decisions made by our elected officials have tremendous impact on what kind of community we will have in the future. I want to ensure Fletcher is a place my children are proud to call home and we have the potential to be the envy of municipalities throughout Western North Carolina and the rest of the state.

I will always act in the best interest of the Town of Fletcher. When it comes to difficult decisions I will always work to consider the impact on the future of the town and the needs of our residents in every community. These statements should not even need to be made. Local elected office is a public service and our elected officials must set aside their personal interests when the gavel falls.